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2021-10-09 I downloaded it JDK17, The computer is new ,win10, No... Was found while configuring environment variables Path variable , And it was supposed to be Path In variables Temp Variables and so on are directly in the environment variable list , What to do in this situation
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about JAVA Basics -HelloWorld-JDK Your questions
New computer

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Answer time :2021-11-02
It should be mapped directly , No graph , Cannot effectively view which point

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2021-08-30 java version Version number problem

about JAVA Basics -HelloWorld-JDK Your questions
My computer java version The version is 1.8.0_221 Does it matter ?

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Answer time :2021-10-28
It doesn't affect ,jdk Different versions correspond to different

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Answer time :2021-09-28
Different versions have no effect , For example, I am jdk11 java version "11.0.9" 2020-10-20 LTS Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 18.9 (build 11.0.9+7-LTS)

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Answer time :2021-09-06
 It doesn't affect 

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2021-08-30 Edit path It's different when you're in
2021-08-21 MAC How to configure it ?
2021-07-31 win10 How to configure
2021-07-31 It still can't be configured according to the video and steps
2021-07-24 How do I extract it e:/jdk, I didn't say that
2021-07-12 123
2021-07-06 This is a good thing
2021-07-01 Path What if the system variables are different
2021-06-15 win7 No way?
2021-06-05 path Editing system variables cannot be edited
2021-04-23 It can still be used after being configured on the first day , Not the next day
2021-04-18 JDK Download data transfer failed
2021-04-18 Why? hello Chinese is garbled
2021-04-14 above jdk Is the packet the latest version ?( Xiaobai )
2021-03-26 A little curiosity
2021-03-24 Can Apple practice
2021-03-17 answer
2021-03-02 java Configuration problem
2021-02-18 cannot execute
2021-02-15 How to install the compressed package given by the author jdk Ah , I haven't seen the installer for a long time , The environment variable is configured to indicate whether it has been installed or what ?
2021-02-07 About... At user variables Path Configuration problem
2021-01-09 The download is wrong
2020-12-31 java What's wrong with the configuration ?eclipse Cannot start
2020-12-30 11
2020-12-29 1234
2020-12-25 Want to learn java
2020-12-25 Want to learn java
2020-12-24 java There are several variables
2020-12-23 I don't know what it does
2020-12-22 System variables path
2020-11-25 Mac Computer operation
2020-11-12 0 Basic learning Java Is it difficult
2020-11-11 python
2020-11-11 1
2020-11-02 Lala Lala Lala
2020-10-29 qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
2020-10-27 What does this question mean and how to answer it
2020-10-21 win10 The system selects how to open ?
2020-10-21 Unable to create... In the computer Path variable
2020-10-19 Mac System installation completed JDK terminal Enter java -version Prompt error dl failure on line 558
2020-10-15 WIN10 The configuration is always unsuccessful How is it configured
2020-10-10 When editing system variables, the following seems different
2020-10-03 win7 How to configure the computer
2020-08-29 What does this do ? Or , What does it do ?
2020-08-10 It seems that the version does not support , Not too clear
2020-07-30 java Not an internal command
2020-07-28 The compressed package is 32 Bit ?
2020-07-20 Is there no need to configure classpath What happened ?
2020-06-29 Configuration completed , Enter the command and the result is as shown in my screenshot
2020-06-13 How to write the runner
2020-06-12 Mac How to configure the computer
2020-06-11 Can I invoice ?
2020-06-11 Install jdk
2020-06-11 The version information is different
2020-05-20 I beg you to help me find out what the reason is
2020-05-18 teacher , How can I configure it? It's still like this I'm Lenovo I think execution cmd When he orders, he shows Associative
2020-05-17 Why did I download jdk.rar It's a video that can't be played
2020-05-09 Tutorial learning problems
2020-04-28 win10 Install jdk problem
2020-04-24 this jdk yes 32 It's a bit
2020-04-14 Installation problems
2020-04-09 practice
2020-04-07 Not on the computer E What about the plate .
2020-03-31 Command line problems
2020-03-30 The environment configuration has been made all day , Still don't understand , What's wrong
2020-03-20 Why didn't I download a compressed package
2020-03-06 Cannot play video
2020-03-03 jdk digit
2020-03-03 jdk Install
2020-02-26 How to solve this ?
2020-02-22 WIN10 Configuration failed
2020-02-22 Why not Let me see if it's set correctly .
2020-02-21 The code is written I saw No problem with the code , Compile into class Yes But why does it run like this ?
2020-02-09 win10PATH and Path Is it the same
2020-02-06 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-31 What if the environment variable is set incorrectly
2020-01-30 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-20 The code has no errors , But there is a problem with the Chinese output when compiling and running , What's going on ?
2020-01-19 Win10 Configuration failed
2020-01-19 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-17 In system configuration CLASSPATH What if it is deleted by mistake win10
2020-01-16 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-15 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-12 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-08 to hand in an assignment
2020-01-07 win10 Configuration failed
2020-01-04 answer
2019-12-31 I put Path Changed to the installation path
2019-12-27 Why do I always run unsuccessfully ?
2019-12-26 to hand in an assignment
2019-12-23 jdk What's the number of digits
2019-12-17 The result of code input is completely different from the tutorial
2019-12-17 to hand in an assignment
2019-12-10 How to get the value of environment variable
2019-12-09 Downloaded JDK, After decompressing, the environment configuration has been tried, but it still doesn't work
2019-12-07 I installed it myself. Now I can only show my own JDK
2019-12-04 to hand in an assignment - practice - Environment variable configuration
2019-11-30 win10 Environment configuration failed
2019-11-20 No, e What about the plate , teacher
2019-11-18 Configuration error
2019-11-15 JAVA Not an internal command . The first step can't pass
2019-11-12 Can you learn with your mobile phone
2019-11-05 Mac How to configure environment variables
2019-11-05 I can't understand this configuration , Why do I output like this
2019-11-03 stationmaster , I remember I used to need to install , How did you do this without installation ?
2019-11-01 This tutorial is not suitable for first-time learning java Small white use , There are some jumping steps in it that will make you dizzy
2019-10-31 about CLASSPATH
2019-10-26 Modification of system variables
2019-10-18 mac How to operate the notebook
2019-10-17 I put JDK It's installed , I tried that several times and it was right , But I couldn't find it eclipse where , I went to the official website for a , But after installation, I can't find , There's only one on the table. Every time I order, I'm asked to go . Ask the great God to save me .
2019-10-17 I followed this process several times Go yourself
2019-10-17 Why don't I configure environment variables and have version information , I open my environment variable, and there is no configuration in the tutorial
2019-10-16 win10 Unsuccessful
2019-10-08 to hand in an assignment
2019-10-07 to hand in an assignment
2019-09-25 Hello, stationmaster , May I ask if the account of the whole station can be used by more than one person ?
2019-08-27 I don't have... In my computer Path System configuration for
2019-08-26 Why do I configure it like this ?
2019-08-22 Find the answer
2019-08-21 Is this a successful configuration .