1. Integral

Points can be used for free viewing JAVA Basics ,JAVA Intermediate Exercise answers and videos

Each non repeating ip Your visit , Can add an integral Click to view the current points and commissions

2. commission ( Cash , Hit Alipay at the beginning of next month. )

Account registered through sharing connection , It's all yours Recommended account . At any time after , As long as the recommended account buys any Services on , Can be obtained 50% Your commission .

Get the cumulative champion with Commission : plum blossom ** Na classmate , by 2019 year 12 month 18 day , The student has accumulated commissions 112,156.63 Yuan in cash , And has been distributed through Alipay. .
Click to view Commission acquisition ranking , Commission payment record

For example, products All stations are connected The current price is ¥941.40, Your recommended users can purchase at any time , You will receive a commission ¥470.70 Yuan .

As of today ,how2j The following services are available for sale :

Service connection Price
Explain the video _JAVA Basics
Explain the video _JAVA Intermediate
Answers to exercises _JAVA Basics
Answers to exercises _JAVA Intermediate
Practice project access _ A muddle headed account
Practice project access _ Tmall front end
Practice project access _ Tmall's whole station J2EE
Practice project access _ Tmall's whole station SSH
Practice project access _ Tmall's whole station SSM
Practice project access _ Tmall's whole station Springboot
Practice project access _ Trend investments SpringCloud
Practice project access _DiyTomcat
All stations are connected

Service prices are subject to change without notice

Recommended account at any time , Purchased any service of this site , You will get 50% Commission Commission
Click to view Current points and commissions , Commission acquisition ranking , Commission payment record

notes : Doing tutorials is very energy-consuming and time-consuming , Please don't use this method , Recommend your own trumpet , It's easy to judge , Once found , Seal processing . Need a discount , come in , please QQ group 496725845 Receive 20% discount code , Little difference , Don't take risks , the loss outweighs the gain .
notes : Commission is essentially a mechanism of mutual benefit , It's not a loophole that individual students use to drill , The stationmaster didn't have much hair , Still pulling around , It was soon wiped out ...

3. Conditions precedent to commission payment

Article 1 : At least registration is recommended 10 Users , Have you ever bought any how2j Paid content .
Article 2 : At least registration is recommended 10 Users , And at least one of the recommended users 2 People have had buying behavior .
Commission can only be paid if at least one of the above conditions is met .
Another : Commission accumulation 100 Issued after yuan . Why? ? It used to be as long as there were , No matter how much , It will be issued at the beginning of the next month , Many students are dozens of yuan , Even a few dollars , The stationmaster said ... too troublesome , So steal a lazy , here we are 100 Let's send it again . ... Yes, of course , If you really need , Tell the stationmaster , Not full 100 Can also send , It's easy to discuss . let me put it another way , Don't buy it yourself , Only one person was recommended to buy it , Obviously, this is recommending your own trumpet , Is not eligible for commission .
Those in order to get a commission , Crazy registered specially in a short time 10 Let's have a fake user drop , The stationmaster found it early , Early processing , Destroy early ...
notes : by 2019/2/24, Accumulated 232 People have received commissions , The average recommendation per person is 49 People .
notes : Normal promotion students , It's very easy to reach the second point , So it won't be affected .
notes : Don't worry if you don't get the qualification for the time being , The Commission is here for you , When did it arrive , It will be issued at the beginning of the next month , Welcome to learn and promote experience : Commission earning example

4. Prohibited means of obtaining Commission

1. Not on Taobao , Salted fish And other platforms use any way to return part of the user's Commission for promotion .

2. stay how2j Own official group 、 Don't promote the project group -_-!

Once found, confirm , Seal and deduct the commission already obtained . the loss outweighs the gain , Do not take shortcuts in this way .

1. Get shared connection

After logging in , Next to the progress bar in the upper right corner of each page is a Enjoy Words

click Enjoy Words , Pop up modal window , Among them is your sharing connection based on the current page

2. How to share

Want good promotion effect , More commission , It takes some skills , Please refer to : Promotion examples

For more promotion examples, please refer to : Post Bar ,CSDN, Know , Watercress , Jane book ,oschina,iteye Other promotion examples

Warning : Do not use the hang up software to brush points , Swiping points will not result in any registration , It's easy to identify . Once you find the brush integral , Seal processing , Don't do thankless things .

notes : 2016 year 10 month 27 Link style of previous versions Still working , You can continue to increase points , You can also earn commissions

1. Alipay account settings

The way of commission is issued by Alipay. . Please wait at Alipay settings page , Set real name and Alipay account number . The Commission will not be charged correctly if the setting is wrong

2. Issue date

Issued on the first few days of the next month , Click to view : Distribution results over the years

3. Email reminder

Once you get the Commission , You will receive a commission reminder email from our website , So please make sure the login email is valid and correct

Share source by monitor , Please don't be illegal , pornographic , Gambling and other illegal websites , Please do not use hang up software / Service Malicious brush points

Thank you for your support