Tool version compatibility problem
Learned so much J2SE Basic and intermediate knowledge points , Next, we need a comprehensive project to put all these knowledge points achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject .

This project is based on Swing and JDBC Developed graphical interface desktop application , Covered J2SE Most of the basics of , Through this program, you can use and exercise almost most of J2SE Knowledge and skills .

It involves the following :
Basic content :
object-oriented String number Date

Intermediate content :
Abnormal , aggregate ,JDBC, Reflection mechanism ,I/O,Swing, Use TableModel Update data , Graphical interface skin

Advanced content :
Chart chart Dynamically generate , Database backup and recovery , Custom round progress bar

Software design idea :
Singleton mode , The panel class is loosely coupled with the listener class ,Entity Layer design ,DAO Layer design ,Service Layer design

Common business processing methods :
CRUD Operation , Configuration information , Configuration information initialization , Report generation , One to many relationship , Many to one relationship

Through this project , Accumulate valuable project experience , During the interview , One more conversation , One more layer of weight , More salary

18 branch 18 second
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lately 10 A question
2021-11-07 about run.bat The problem is

In the confused account given by the operation station master run.bat After version , Found no jdk Environment and database can also be used , Would like to ask the webmaster how to realize this packaging step , What files need to be changed if they are modified on the original basis ?

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2021-11-06 this MySQL Why is the path always incorrect

MySQL Why is the path always incorrect

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2021-11-01 import What's going on when there's always a problem ?
2021-10-31 Obviously not hutubill This database , Why does it pop up “ The table already exists ” error . How to deal with this error ?
2021-09-13 The download package is missing
2021-09-07 After clicking the Backup button, the graphical error appears
2021-09-05 Recovery failed
2021-08-06 Why? DAO The method of is not set to static
2021-08-04 Didn't you say a single case , Why is its construction method public
2021-08-03 stationmaster , solve !

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